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Tobi Ogundiran is a British Science Fiction Association, Shirley Jackson and Nommo award nominated writer of dark and fantastical tales.

Latest Fiction

The Epic of Qu Shittu

I stayed there in the dark winehold, cold and shivering and cursing myself for a fool, but this was a venture I was determined to see to the end. I don’t know how much time passed but eventually, I felt the ship move, groaning upon the waves as we departed the Xonga. I had expected to hear the sounds of ship life: the pounding of heavy footfalls on the deck, the coarse bellowing of deckhands as they went about their business. But I heard nothing and I wondered, not for the first time, if Qu Shittu had no deckhands, if he manned the ship by himself, or if he commanded the wind to his sails by some fell magick.

Deep in the Gardener’s Barrow

The trees were old, old things. They wore the mark of their years in the girth of their trunks, in the reach of their limbs, in the twist of their roots snaking across the forest floor in an ancient lattice-work. Iná could not make out the sky; the leaves choked it, obscuring it from view, so that she could scarcely tell day from night, nor count the days they had spent fleeing in the forest. And that, perhaps, was the worst of all. The loss of time; the way one day bled into the other, unmooring her from reality.