Cover of Tobi Ogundiran's debut collection, Jackal, Jackal, showing a palindrome image of a jackal.

JACKAL, JACKAL: Tales of the Dark and Fantastic

From the Shirley Jackson award nominated author comes a highly anticipated debut collection of stories full of magic and wonder and breathtaking imagination!

In “The Lady of the Yellow-Painted Library”—featured in LeVar Burton reads— a hapless salesman flees the otherworldly librarian hell-bent on retrieving her lost library book; “The Tale of Jaja and Canti” sees Ogundiran riffing off of Pinnichio, but this wooden boy doesn’t seek to become real, but wanting to be loved, journeys the world in search of his mother—an ancient and powerful entity who is best not sought out. “The Goatkeeper’s Harvest” contains echoes of Lovecraft, where a young mother living on a farm finds that goats have broken into her barn and are devouring all her tubers. As she chases them off with a rake, a woman appears claiming the goats are her children, and that the young woman has killed one of them and must pay the price: a goat for a goat.

These and other tales of the dark and fantastic await!

Out July 18, 2023

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About Tobi

Tobi Ogundiran is a British Science Fiction Association, Shirley Jackson, Nommo and Ignyte award nominated author.