I am a BSFA Finalist!

I am thrilled, gobsmacked, positively befuddled, and pleasantly surprised to announce that my story Isn’t Your Daughter Such a Doll is a finalist for the British Science Fiction Association awards! I can’t stress enough how wonderful this feels. When I learned the story had been longlisted, I was, of course, pleased and frankly did not expect anything to come if it. Imagine my surprise 3 weeks later when I received the email that it’d been shortlisted!

Voting opens March 1st to all BSFA and Eastercon members, so if you do feel inclined…

One response to “I am a BSFA Finalist!”

  1. […] makes this the second major award I’ve been shortlisted for this year (the first being the British Science Fiction Association award). Not too bad for this kid from Lagos, who always dreamed of being a […]

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